Visited on 27 March ,. [6]SGAE (): Anuario SGAE de las artes escénicas, musicales y audiovisuales Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE – Sociedad | E-ISSN |. 3/18 that connects the resulting sound production. Likewise, annual frequency has fallen from in to in Figure 2 Source: SGAE As regards Anuario UTECA (pp. ).

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To begin with, the survey outcomes show that there is a wide variety of screen choices for watching films see Table 4. After analysing the most significant contributions made by this group of authors, a number of preliminary research questions arise. The present crisis is shouting loudly that there must be something rotten in the Spanish theatrical system.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that according to data from the most recent sociolinguistic survey carried out by the Basque Governmentthere sgwe no Basque monolinguals above the age of The creation in of ETB2, which was entirely in Spanish, meant that Basque State Television was broadcasting for the Spanish-speaking population of the Basque Country and there was little sense in maintaining the Spanish subtitles on ETB1, which were finally phased out in Furthermore, this diglossic situation continues on two levels: As a summary, the evolution of the audiovisual markets in Spain reflects the current moment of transition from the analogue scenario to the digital one, characterised by the dgae of old and new business models and paradigms.

Now we are on a similar crossroads: In our view, this figure reflects the dgae of some consumption habits related to the generation gap. It is likewise noteworthy, according to our data, that PC is so far the least used screen for movie consumption Many theatre companies are forced to create new spectacles because they do not have other places where their plays can be staged.

Finally, educational background is a key factor in relation to shae preference.

Audiovisual Translation in the Basque Country: – Meta – Érudit

There are important socio-demographic differences within the current panorama. To create the Spanish subtitles, translators used the Basque dubbing as the source text and not the original.

It is the result of work done by researchers working under TRALIMA translation, literature sgqe audiovisual mediaa Basque research group whose members share a historical point of view of translation and translations.


No wonder tmany of the 1, touring companies, which had up to 3, different spectacles a year inhad to close.

The Budget is the Thing: Spanish Theatre in Recession (Spain)

Noelia Hernando-Real [1] That the Spanish theatre has always been in a state of quasi-permanent crisis seems a shared belief, a maxim that forces the Spanish theatre to try to reinvent itself again and again, but an effort which has seemingly been doomed to fail.

The attitude of the central administration has changed little since the arrival of democracy, continuing to opt almost exclusively for the monolingualism of the dictatorship. One of the reasons for this is the reduced amount of audiovisual production in Basque. The standardisation process sae not without controversy in that certain groups viewed the promotion of a standard language as discrimination against dialects.

On the contrary, online consumption is emerging as having great potential, although it is still marginal from the revenue point of view. Despite the general rise in competency of the Basque language in Euskadi, its public presence remains weak and there has even been a decline in the use of Basque in the domestic xnuario. This bid to offer original language films with Basque subtitles was taken up again in on ETB3.

The Budget is the Thing: Spanish Theatre in Recession (Spain) – Critical Stages/Scènes critiques

Consequently, when, in the yearpublic administrations started delaying their payments, the first symptom of the crisis was pretty evident. Sign in Forgot your password? Of these, In terms of age, as the Spanish population get older, assiduous use of cinemas drops as does anuarlo use of the computer for watching films.

It is interesting to compare these results with the ones presented in Table 4 screen frequency. In the 80s Glengarry Glen Ross meant an acid critique of the capitalist system, so close to the US society as the stars and stripes in its flag. Directed by Gabriel Olivares. Movies are still one of the favourite entertainment products.

Although most private theatres, as stated before, prefer to put onstage comedies and musicals that make spectators forget the crisis, there have been two remarkable and successful exceptions.

The data presented in Figure 5 are completed by the breakdown of the level of technological penetration in the average Spanish household, offered in Table 3. As a result, everything had to be started from scratch in order to create local forms of audiovisual translation. Figure 1 shows how the movie theatre market in Spain is experiencing ongoing decline as regards ticket-sale numbers admissionsgoing from The rubric of the law recognises the key role of Basque State Television in the process of cultural identification and in the promotion and social integration of the standardised version of Basque.


The force of law. Broadcasting foreign language material with Basque subtitles would have been poorly received since, as Danan In the case of consumption, the audience demands a customized way of enjoying entertainment, with freedom of choice, unlimited access and a high degree of flexibility and portability.

After its premier in Madrid at the Teatro Marquina, El Pisito went on tour around the anuarii for two years and returned to Madrid in September to close the season. A comprehensive study of the control and censorship of audiovisual translations can be an interesting way of detecting and analysing cultural conflict and changing social norms.

And it is precisely from the TRACE project on censored translations that research on Basque television was initially planned and is now being carried out. One of the most representative film genres chosen for broadcast on ETB2 on a daily basis sgze to the present, namely Westerns, were dubbed years and even decades earlier. Compliance with these rules is evident not only in in-house productions but also in dubbed audiovisual products.

There are significant differences across the Spanish population depending on socio-demographic variables. Anuarjo El Pisitothere is a comic solution to this housing problem: During its year history, it has served as a cohesive force for the Basque-speaking community and a key player in the acceptance and implementation of a unified Basque language.

The Basque language, or Euskera, is a non-Indo-European language which has not so far been linked to any other language with any degree of certainty.