I take this as a con because I usually use my memorisation skills in the super theoretical grunfeld to beat people who forget the theory. But I really like the idea to. I bought this book over Christmas on a whim, and while I don’t regret buying it, it’s become one of those books that I have for the interesting. Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld gets to grips with the King’s Indian and Grunfeld, providing White with a number of easy-to-learn and.

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Bxc4when I like the feel of White’s position better. No eBook available Amazon.

Isn’t that what Grivas advocates in his beating-the-fianchetto-defences book but probably with 8. But I really like the idea to hack on the kingside, lose material on the queenside, and checkmate. Apr 19, 3. I must say I like Taylor’s effort more than Ward’s.

Beating The King’s Indian And Grunfeld

But the line against the Grunfeld looks unambitious if Taylor’s games in the database are anything to go by! I’ve had some fun playing the Knezevic variation against the Grunfeld online: Brimming with complexity and dynamism, these two openings often leave those playing White scratching Practical Decisions in Critical Moments. I think Taylor’s coverage of the “Liz” variation is particularly good, because this is a line that is often not taken very seriously in other books.

Qb3 and the Keres Variation 1. Publishedsoftback, pages.

Grunfeld or King’s Indian?? – Chess Forums –

Click here to email us. Theory in both bwating is illustrated by complete, annotated games with plenty of text explanation. Yet again proving the Benko is a fabulous resource for those playing black and willing to play for the full point.

Really, the KID is a “give away the space in order to create chains, and create an attack toward one direction of the board with either c5 or e5” opening and is totally closed in the main lines such as the Bayonet. I win or lose most of my games in about 20 moves so I guess that’s why I never noticed all the theory.


I’m not sure how great the line is theoretically, but I’m ready to play it OTB on occasion. Against the Gruenfeld, something tells me I’ve seen him play 4. Qd2 rather than 8. This is his second book for Everyman Chess; his incian was Bird s Opening.

Kasparov, Radjabov, and Shirov are some great players who play the King’s Indian. Apr 19, Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld.

The King’s Indian is full of theory! Markovich God Member Offline Posts: Taylor does a fair amount of just “talking” about chess, focuses on general ideas, and gives some general attacking advice at times.

I would also like to add that his idian line against the Gruenfeld fits in perfectly with those who play the Colle or use Aaron Summerscale’s A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire as the backbone of their repertoire. Funnily enough the Epishin variation of the Benko put the Kibosh on the Benko Gambit during the 90’s Apr 19, 5.

In some sense the book is probably best viewed as a collection of mostly lightly annotated games all devoted to particular openings. What level is this book aimed at? Against the Grunfeld Taylor opts for the Knezevic Variation 1. The King s Indian and the Grunfeld are two of Black s most popular answers to 1 d4; unsurprising given that they were long-time favourites of chess legends Garry Kasparov and, before him, Bobby Fischer.

Outside of chess, he is the author of two published novels, Elaine the Fair and Amanda, while he directed the film Wicked Pursuits. Mark all topics as READ. I get the feeling that these are all lines that Taylor has experience with, and he doesn’t seem to be holding back any secrets.


Beating The King’s Indian And Grunfeld – Timothy Taylor

Apr 19, 6. Anyway the “Liz” variation runs: If you want interesting games and analysis of less-studied systems against the Grunfeld and KID, then you might like the book a lot.

Brimming with complexity and dynamism, these two openings often leave those playing White scratching their heads kinfs how to squeeze even the slightest of advantages out of the opening and, just as crucially, how to avoid becoming swamped in a morass of complicated theory. During the turn of the century early s it was thought that the “glory days” of the KID were gone Glory Days probably being Kaspy’s time in the early to mid 90s.

Kinngs is some further info on this book: I’ve iindian not wanted to play the king’s indian because I’ve heard that there isn’t much theory to it.

Danny is quite correct – the only thing the KID and the Grunfeld really have in common is the first couple of moves are the same.

I take this as a con because I usually use my memorisation skills in the super theoretical grunfeld to beat people who forget the anr. Against the King’s Indian he goes for the Martz Variation 1. Apr 19, 9.

Grunfeld or King’s Indian??

Could you give me a few examples? All in all I like the book, but it certainly isn’t a must-buy. Dear Willilo, Man, fiveofswords is everywhere in every forum!!! I think he means lots, or numerous. Both are extremely complicated openings and playable at all levels.