Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, ) occurs on every continent and is closely associated with carrion and decaying material in human. The Oriental Latrine Fly, Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, , is notorious in this regard. Adults of the synanthropic form of this species (see below) are. Abstract. Chrysomya megacephala and Chrysomya rufifacies are two predominant necrophagous species in Taiwan. Larvae of the latter can prey on other.

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Chrysomya megacephala – Wikipedia

The habitat or “ecological islands” of animal carrion are small and distinct, and communities developing within them have at their disposal a limited amount of energy, which is gradually used up by the activities of the community members Beaver However, we believe that C. Emergent adults were undersized the adult dry weight was only A correlation between wing size and temperature as well as tibia size and temperature has also been found in this species.

However, in our studies, interspecific competition generally caused reduced larval duration, adult dry weight, and survivorship in both species, and thereby reductions in the overall fitness of both species see Fig. The long adult lifespan means that the parents are present to rear the offspring, ensuring their survival. Larval developmental time and adult dry weight were recorded for each treatment.


Most recorded miasis cases, however, do not involve the fly. Temperature, larval stage, and competition intensity are three newly proposed factors that have not been discussed in previous studies on interspecific competition. The third instars of C. The higher fitness of C.

Development changes of cuticular hydrocarbons in Chrysomya rufifacies larvae: Studying larvae from decomposed remains may provide an effective method of determining the presence of these toxins in a body that is extremely decayed.

Harvard University Press, Linear regression of the durations of larval development of C. Biology Chrysomya megacephala is one of the most common members of the genus in Australia. Estimation of postmortem interval by arthropod succession: This particularly reminds us that careful verification is needed when using body size of late instars C.

Despite this predation on Chrysomya megacephalaboth species had a lower survival rate, lighter adult weight and pupated early. Chrysomya megacephalamore commonly known as the oriental latrine flyis a member of the family Calliphoridae blowflies.

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Ten conspecific larvae of same stage 18 [first instar], 36 [second instar[rsqb, and 70 h old [third instar] were washed with distilled water and placed in the middle of the plastic cup. According to our results, intraspecific competition mostly occurred as competition for food; when the rearing density was increased, larvae pupated earlier, resulting in a lighter adult dry weight.

Chrysomya megacephala broedt in rottend vlees en kan ziektes overbrengen.


Larval predatory by Chrysomya albiceps on Cochliomyia macellaria, Chrysomya megacephala and Chrysomya putoria. We are not able to completely clarify the complexity of this small ecosystem currently, but we believe the following issues should be further studied or reevaluated: When comparing our experimental results with those of Goodbrod and Goffwe found that different experimental designs may have caused the different results.

Biological factors, especially the behavioral factors of competition and predation, have nevertheless seldom been thoroughly discussed in previous studies. Knowing that, to pupate, larvae move away from the food source to find a safe place to metamorphose, forensic entomologists can accurately calculate a post mortem interval. The newly hatched larvae of C.

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Parasitology Research The results also showed that larvae of C. Effects of different breeding densities on the duration of larval development Aadult dry weight Band larval survivorship C under single-species rearing of C.

The Importance of Demodex Mites Acari: