Unlike some of the latest stuff from MWP, the interesting thing about Cinematic Unisystem is that, at heart, it’s a simulationist, universal engine. Where can I find the core rules (and hopefully magic system) for the Cinematic Unisystem? I’ve heard that it’s used in Witchcraft, Buffy and. Characters in the Cinematic Unisystem RPG have four basic elements. These full-fledged cinematic heroes have amazing skills and abilities. This is the Type.

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Then 5 successes covers a 4 point spread of results. Cinematic Unisystem This page collects my work houserules, conversions for Cinematic Unisystem, the system behind the Buffy: Which is better for your campaign really depends on the level of realism you’re shooting for.

Unisystem – Wikipedia

All times are GMT For example, if the result was 15, looking on the chart this is described as 4 — Very Good. This has ccinematic interesting variations: Results 1 to 3 of 3.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Cinematic Unisystem Where can I find the core rules and hopefully magic system for the Cinematic Unisystem? This page collects my work houserules, conversions for Cinematic Unisystem, the system behind the Buffy: Cinematic Unisystem A generic CineUni book is one ujisystem those things Eden Studios has planned, but given unosystem slowly they produce books don’t expect to see it any time soon.

The chief difference between the systems are Drama Points used only in the Cinematic systemand differences in magic system mechanics. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Errors Cinematci following errors occurred with your submission.

If you want magic rules and some basic monsters for Classic Unisystem, the Witchcraft core rulebook is available as a free PDF.

In the Silver Age of Licensed Games…

Cinematic Unisystem I am pretty new to the Unisystem, having just gotten into All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and have never played any of the other games based on this system previously. It can be used in table-top play, or in play-by-post campaigns. Several of these games have quickly become favorites not only with RPG-playing fans of the properties, but with systems aficionados interested in some of the tricks the games have used to better recreate the feel of a TV show or movie.


Of those selections, my guess is Angel fits the tone and details needed for what you’re looking for. Carella for the first editions of his WitchCraft [5] and Armageddon role-playing games, [6] [7] published by Myrmidion Press. It’s at least partially inspired by the “Using cards instead of dice” option in CJ Carella’s Witchcraftpage Other Qualities and Drawbacks are of a Supernatural sort and are used to designate a character as a particular type of character be it a Gifted human, a Vampyre, a Spirit, and so on or detail what sort of magic they can do.

At the start of the campaign every player gets a pool of numbers for each of his characters: The interesting thing about the chart is how it scales. All told, Cinematic Unisystem is the simpler version that tries to emulate movies and TV.

Games designed using Unisystem have been nominated for, [3] and won, [4] Origins Awards. The New World, Part 9: Eden Studios uses Unisystem under an exclusive unisyystem, but has allowed other game companies to license the system.

The cinematic Unisystem games are all license-based, not original works. Join Date Jan Location where the shadows lie Posts 5, Instead of rolling dice for an action, a player spends a number which is then removed from that character’s number-pool. The zombie creation rules are very flexible, and it’s easy to make up your cinemattic powers and guess at a power cost based on existing abilities.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten Unisystem vs. Cinematic Unisystem

That is, people on RPG forums profess to being huge fans of these systems, but the actual utility of them, even amongst unisyxtem hobbyists at the time, seems like it might be somewhat less. Unisystem was developed by C. Cinematic games also feature the use of Drama Points which allow the character to do things above and beyond what they could do under the system alone.


Born out of a love for the genre, here is partial conversion to be able to play in the Golden Age of Piracy. Results jnisystem to 10 of Languages Italiano Edit links. This, of course, are the results of rolling a hypothetical 1d10 20 times. Army of Darkness, like the movie, is a bit more comedic but has mass combat rules. Despite the differences the two are still largely compatible, though every Cinematic Unisystem game offers an appendix to convert values from the Classic system, and xinematic Buffy RPG ‘ s Magic Unisyste supplement offers an appendix on converting between the Buffy magic system and the WitchCraft magic system.

You could run pretty much anything with it, provided you were willing to leave the genre simulation up to the actions of the unizystem and GM and rely on the system to handle the physics of the world. You can take the average number after the die roll, for instance 2d6 3 or you can use cards as well. Unisystem is a generic role-playing game system produced by Eden Studios, Inc. When this pool is down to three numbers, add another set of 20 numbers, etc. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

It is typified by grittier, more realistic play, greater attention to detail in skills and combat, and the use of Secondary Attributes that are typically derived from the Primary Attributes.

Strength, Dexterity, Constitution; and three mental attributes: I am very interested in knowing. Monday, 19th November,