Documentum Query Language is a derivative of SQL which can be used to For more information on DQL, please refer to Content Server DQL Reference guide. Posts about DQL written by HKRISH. Documentum is nothing other than a Content Management Tool but its vastness and its ability to cater to almost all sorts. The following DQL query identifies the lifecycle ID, current state, and the resume state (meaningful only if the current state is an exception state) for a document.

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If you have never heard about open source software, you might be wondering why something as great as WordPress is free. This site uses cookies.

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Automated document revision numbering that reflects common design practice. Be aware that it can take a while depending on the number of entries you have. July 26, at 8: It shows the version of the installer.

Relationships are system-defined as well as user-defined. If you are not interested in seeing all the rows but only the top five for exampleuse this code: Is it possible using DQL query to see whether an attribute name for an object type is a repeating attribute or single attribute?


Documentuum, but not least, another reason why WordPress is such a great online platform is its community. One particular version or else all of the versions of a component can be combined with a virtual document. A common need, however, is to display different configurations under different circumstances. I know this website provides quality based articles and other documentun, is there any other web page which presents such information in quality?

Revision numbers start at 0 and the first issued version is 1, the second 2, the third 3, etc. Object Types for documents and folders. That means all document waiting for rendition.

In Samson, if you forgot to terminate the query with a semicolon ; you will get a prompt like shown below. Validations at creation, promotion and check in.

Documentum: some useful queries (DQL/IAPI) – Blog dbi services

February 10, at 4: The tables may be relational database management system tables or object-type tables. It is also believed to be vocumentum by Documentum. The parameters it takes are. Very complex business rules can be enforced via the XML files.


Documentum Fundamentals: Useful DQL Queries

April 13, at 4: Typically, a Documentum client will automatically present the results of the query to the odcumentum in some useful way. DQL recognizes these predicates: Do the configuration files allow me to control inputs? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Pero ha tryiong no obstante. If the new value points toward new document D, then a relation has to be created between A and D. April 27, at 10 h 36 min. November 11, at 8 h 18 min.

This query flushes caches, it can be used when trying to install ADTS dars and fails due to version mismatch. This method has to be invoked on the object which is going to act as Parent in doucmentum relation.

AdiosHave a great day ahead… To include a passthrough hint, you must identify the database for which the hint is valid.