DOMINUS IESUS: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Talk Handout. I. Proclamation as Spiritual Warfare (Walkthrough of 2 Cor ). A. God’s Strategy: Enlighten all. Declaration Dominus Iesus: full text, concordances and frequency lists. So much for the Congregation’s own synthesis of Dominus Jesus. . To be sure, some other leading figures in the English-speaking hierarchy provided more.

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Dunn is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of St. It speaks volumes of excessive to childish gullibility of the top representatives of individual Churches and Church unions. Its author was no one of less importance than the cardinal Josef Ratzinger, prefect of englisg Congregation for Faith and Doctrine earlier Inquisition ; it was published under the auspices of the pope who gave it his approbation.

This definitive self-revelation of God is the fundamental reason why the Church is missionary by her very nature. Jesus constituted the Church as a saving mystery. At the close of the second millennium, however, this mission is still far from complete.

The Catholic Church, like the Orthodox Church, is convinced that a definition enylish this kind is irreconcilable with Christ’s promise and with fidelity to him. The Church’s tradition, however, reserves the designation of inspired texts to the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments, since these are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Since he had not promul- gated it under his own signature like a Papal Encyclical, the inference seemed to be that it was merely the product of a particular dicastery within the Roman Curia, namely, the CDF.

On the basis of such presuppositions, which may evince different nuances, certain theological proposals are developed — at times presented as assertions, and at times as hypotheses — in which Christian revelation and the mystery of Jesus Christ dominuw the Church lose their character of absolute truth and salvific universality, or at least shadows of doubt and uncertainty are cast upon them. The roots of these problems are to be found in certain presuppositions of both a philosophical and theological nature, which hinder the understanding and acceptance of the revealed truth.

Public Private login e. For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered death and was buried. In the age of the apostles there was probably just this simple creed: Help Center Find new research papers in: Moreover, I can easily understand that the German Bishops are particularly sensitive to difficulties arising from the situation in our country.


Might not insistence on the ecclesial nature of theology that is faithful to doctrine be a kind of conditioning? The Second Vatican Council tried to accept this different way of determining the locus of the Church by domiinus that the Evangelical Churches are not actually Churches in the same way that the Englisu Church claims to be so, but that “elements of salvation and truth” are found in them.

The Analysis of the declaration Dominus Iesus

The prevailing voice in the Roman Catholic Church says that the point of the declaration is not in any case a proclamation of a new doctrine. In treating the question of the true religion, the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council taught: Salvation is found in the truth. With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified. In this sense we say that other religions have rites and englishh which can play a role of preparing for the Gospel, of occasions or pedagogical helps in which the human heart is prompted to open itself to God’s action.

The kingdom is so inseparable from Christ that, in a certain sense, it is identified with him cf. The Prefect, in fact, is only the first among equals and is responsible for the orderly conduct of the work. You give me a Bible and some papal documents. We share the episcopal structure of the Church as the way to be in communion with the Apostles, with the whole ancient Church and with the Orthodox Churches; this should give cause for reflection. First of all, I would distinguish between theological dialogue and political or business negotiations.

In a now very different context, they were able to seek points that the two sides have in common, starting from iesis Bible, which is the foundation we share. Mitteilungsbaltt der Priesterbruderschaft St.

As a remedy for this relativistic mentality, which is becoming ever more common, it is necessary above all to reassert the definitive and complete character of the revelation of Jesus Christ. Just recently, for example, on my way home I met two englisg in their prime who came up to me and said: Home This editionEnglish, Book edition: That community subsists only in the Catholic Church.


The harsh reactions to your document are clear proof of this. The separation of the two levels took conceptual engglish at the First Vatican Council through the distinction made between “credenda” to be believed and “tenenda” to be held.

Declaration Dominus Iesus – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Nor, is dialogue dpminus tool to coerce or dupe people into joining the Church. In fact, the mystery of Christ has its own intrinsic fominus, which extends from the eternal choice in God to the parousia: If this tension is removed to reach clear formulas, and it is said that all ecclesial communities are the Church, and that all, despite their disagreements, are that one and holy Church, then no ecumenism exists, because there is no longer any reason for seeking authentic unity, The same question can be asked again from another angle: AAS 83 Orbis Books, ] Now, presence and witness, prayer and liturgy, dialogue and social work, which are all part of evangelisation, do not have the goal of increasing the number of Catholics.

He invited them to listen to Christ and to open their heart to Him. DUNN Christians know that in Jesus … ebglish complete answer has been given to the questions dwelling deep in the human heart. Orbis Books, ] 8.

Dominus Iesus – Wikipedia

Christ, the mediator and the only way to salvation is present in his body, i. If this tension is removed to reach clear formulas, and it is said that all ecclesial communities are the Church, and that all, despite their disagreements, are that one and holy Church, then no ecumenism exists, because there is no longer any reason for seeking authentic unity.

Dialogue affirms the Truth. It might be that the term “elements” was not the best choice.