Dracula Spectacula – Show synopsis – Shows D. There are plenty of good parts , a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that makes this an attractive. is the Marsden Year of the Musical and Dracula Spectacula, to be held in There are plenty of good parts, a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that. The Dracula Spectacula (). From sltarchive Well this is a little bit like that but with singing, dancing and a very corny script. For those of.

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Have Your Say Did you see the play? And it is these children one must feel most sorry for, they try their best but are let down by the adults in charge — in the script, in the direction and in some very worrying decisions.

Scenes take place in a small classroom, on a big aeroplane, on a stony road, in a cosy inn, at a table, on two chairs, in a dark castle, up the North Tower, on an open piece of countryside, in a nasty dungeon, in the Castle crypt, bank at the inn, and inside your mind. But BBC Berkshire want to stress that AF Harrold is a respected reviewer who has graced our pages many a time over the last few years and we will not allow abusive comments to be made about him.

The Dracula Spectacula or “Fang’s ain’t what they used to be” A spooky musical. On the side of right are noble Nick Necrophilic, Father O’Stake, the cuddly Hansel and Gretel and the Fuddled Friends; can they prevail over the forces of darkness when these include the creme de la horrible creme such as the Countess Wraith, Genghis the groveling minion, the Zombies, the Fanged Brides and the dynamic sanguineous gentleman the Price of Vampires himself?

Samuel French The Dracula Spectacula. It serves them right for expecting something epic from what is essentially a Hallowe’en themed Panto. For no reason at all the ‘adventurers’ are led by a dumb blonde Marilyn Monroe look alike who sounds, however, more like Audrey from A Little Shop Of Horrors and even has a very similar song to ‘Suddenly Seymour’ from that show and feature a leather bad boy Elvis impersonator.


Thank you for taking the time to write to us. There is one song in which a large chorus of children are made to sing a song entirely in favour of getting very drunk on the local Transylvanian grog The Lubbly Glublick Song. A Nother How Ironic!! Sign In You’ll have to sign in before you share your experience. Why the big bee in your bonnet A F Harold! We arent all stuck in the ‘s! I do not think I have ever seen so many response to a review on here before Find out more about page archiving.

I did find A F Harolds views amusing, and wanted to put some things straight! So basically i disagree with everything youve written. Come on this was fun for all the family and alot more innocent than watching television.

Fairy TalesFriendshipLove. Path Created with Sketch. Christine I personally think you’re being very pesssimistic.

Miss Nadia Naive – spectaxula sweet, vulnerable American schoolteacher Marvin or Kelly – an insatiable appetite for popcorn Luke or Julie – an intellectual with freckles and glasses Elvis – could it really be him?

The children and adults put time and effort into this play and I should know because two of my close friends took part.

Dracula Spectacular

I have supplied my number give me a ring and I’ll make sure you get your money back! Dream Street The Musical.

So what if the kids were acting drunk? For someone who knows the power of words I am appauled by his comments he should be struck off reviewing and needs to take some time to think about the effect they have on our young generation who worked so hard on this production.

Why go if it was such a bother?? And my school is going to do this play and We’re going to top themYou should be nice. The songs could well have been cleverly written but the lyrics were for the most part indiscernible under both the piped soundtrack and the cacophony of movement of the hundreds of children crammed on stage.


Cast Size Cast Size 24boy s or girl s.

The Dracula Spectacula

spectaculs If you banned all plays that had sexual innuendo and alcohol there would not be much left to see. Kevin HammondsCharles Miller.

I too felt it was boring and too expensive. It is a real challenge working and inspiring young people and this cast worked hard to entertain the audience and indeed the majority were. And there is a moment in another song Positive Action Man where the adult male character of Nick actually strokes in a positively sexually flirtatious manner one of the young female ‘Pretty Singers’ as they are listed in the programme. We dont need to listen to pointless peoples opinions like this one because we can see the fantastic show we created!

But all of this could be forgiven if there was one spark of originality in the show.

Dracula Spectacula – The Guide to Musical Theatre

I along with the majority of the audience I saw buzzing in the interval had a thoroughly entertaining night at the theatre. Dont no what play you sore? Banana Right, the play was good. Peter ShrubshallRichard Free. Spectaula seemed to be an attempt to cram as many children into every scene as possible, perhaps to ensure their parents turned up and bought tickets, whether or not there was any need spectacual them.

It says a lot about a reviewer to rip so severely into a youth theatre production. A Boy Called Lizard.

Its better than having them drunk on the streets of South Street in real life.