Canon still provides a free PDF download of the 20D manual (as of this writing) at I realize. Try here The quality is Ok but it takes ages to print out. Andy. #2 ajbenie, Nov 5. Yes and Yes! Have you refered to the manual? http://www. Stock-Photos, Apr 26,

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Two minor questions about 20D | Photography Forums

It probably got turned by mistake to a setting unsuitable for your vision. Uploaded on Mar 03, If it is way off, your view will always appear to be out of focus. Yeah, with mirror lockup the delay is conveniently short, I use it a lot. You’ll look like a goof in front of everybody, especially if you don’t immediately recognize what you did wrong.

You need to get repaired. Answered on Jan 29, Answered on Mar 12, The best way to download pictures from your camera to your computer involves removing the memory card from the camera and plugging it into a card reader either built-in to the computer or connected via USB or FireWire. Canon Eos Cameras Uploaded on Oct 07, Answered eow20dim Nov 23, As many other electronic devices, the auto power off is completely off except the date and time that are run by a back-up battery CR Not finding wos20dim you are looking for?

I regard to power, I usually keep on on for the duration of my photo shoot, the 20d is pretty much like a film camera, virtually no power consumption between shots. Posted on Nov 10, Be the first to answer.

Set your “Drive” mode to “Timer” button on top of 20d. Answered on Oct 17, It seems strange that a sophiticated camera like the 20D has a single timer delay, yet my relatively simple Fujifilm Z had both 10 and 2 second eos20ddim.


Answered on Mar 29, It’s much easier to search the PDF file than the pocket book. Another thing is not having the battery at a full charged dos20dim if it’s not coming on at all I’d be checking the battery door make sure it’s latched securely. The helical threads inside the camera probably got bent eso20dim the point that it won’t work anymore. Hope this give you a few options.

LCD display problem | Canon 20D | Flickr

Specs indicate 10 sec delay only. Even the camera is completely off, the battery is leaking over time if you don’t use it. Oops, forgot to turn off mirror lockup again. Level 2 Expert Answers. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. Are you a Canon Camera Expert? Your name or email address: Just remember to turn lockup off if you are trying to do a family portrait later! The remote is a very good option.

Two minor questions about 20D

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Posted on Dec 03, Be the first to answer. Will it still consume even very little power when the camera is shut down with the switch is in ON position? Wouldn’t mirror lock-up tend to be less important with the longer exposure?. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Okay moving on clean the lens and body, update firmware, make sure the CF card isn’t beyond the camera capabilities and last if all that stuff didn’t work the it’s possible the actual sensor is really dirty and needs cleaning.

Answered on Dec 20, Answered on Mar 15, A new battery holds power longer than an old one. Keep the lens cavity pointing down as much as possible while cleaning polishing the body contacts another thing and my 20D is coming due for this as well is a back up battery this replacement is found on page 35 of your manual Oops not manual here is a diagram Diagram Here is where to look and what to do diagram Diagram This should put you back into the photography again Cheers Have fun with that great lens.


Answered on Dec 01, You can see that by inserting a CF card with the switch set to off and watching the indicator light that shows the camera is checking the card.

Glasses usually block the view but it is up to you whether you wish to make the viewfinder adjustment with them on or off. The 20D was in an era where pretty well the larges CF card was a 2gig,I use several 1gig however if you have updated your cards to say an 8gig the firmware just can’t handle the card. Perfect for tripod use, especially at night as it minimises any vibrations from the flipping mirror.

If you wear contacts make sure you have them on before you do eos20dom adjustment. You can also check your viewfinder eo2s0dim, it has a small dial upper right, that you can fine tune to focus to your own eyesight.

Posted on Dec 08, Be the first to answer. This is likely to be faster than connecting the camera to the computer, and won’t run down your camera’s batteries. Most Popular Question just received canon ef m lens Cameras.

Answered on Jan 19,