Eugene Rogan from North Africa through the Arabian Peninsula, and for the depth in which it explores every facet of modern Arab history. To American observers, the Arab world often seems little more than a distant battleground characterized by religious zealotry and political chaos. Years of. Buy The Arabs: A History by Eugene Rogan (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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If he HAD mentioned the concessions the Palestinians were to make such as stemming the spread of terror organizations and halting the indoctrination of children in Gaza with violent religious fundamentalismhe would have been forced historu note that the Palestinians failed miserably in this regard.

To ask other readers questions about The Arabsplease sign up. He didn’t even bother to address it – it was omitted completely. He, like all historians has had to be selective in choosing his material. The Arab world is now more acutely aware than ever of its own vulnerability, and this sense of subjection carries with it vast geopolitical consequences.

While talking about king crane commission Ch.

The Arabs: A History

A History Eugene Rogan No preview available – Qutb’s Qur’an-based opposition to westernisation and the brutal regime of Nasser took him to the gallows in An outstanding history of Arab lands from about through Such atrocities played a leading role in persuading the British they could not continue to exercise a mandate in Palestine.

He paints the Arab people as almost entirely victims of western domination and leaves them with hardly any responsibility for aarabs own failings. He al This was my second attempt to read into Arab history. Ottoman period salem I specifically with a lot of details about the al mamalik and Muhammad Ali. Starting with the Ottoman conquest of the Arab lands, the book traces the history of the Arabs through the many centuries under distinct themes.

Then there is Sayyid Qutb, Egyptian litterateur and boulevardier turned Islamic fundamentalist, inveighing against the immorality of the lyrics of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. In the riot that followed, a British officer was injured and later died. In this definitive account, preeminent historian Eugene To American observers, the Arab world often seems little more than a distant battleground characterized by religious zealotry and political chaos.

I liked it at the prelude and the end of the book when the author talked about Lebanon and al-Hariri’s assassination. So was Nasser’s intervention in the Yemeni civil war. Other editions – View all The Arabs: I look forward to both having all my Arab friends read this, and re-read this book in Arabic soon. The book is extremely readable, To date, there have been very few popular histories covering either the Arab world, or the Middle East in particular, so Rogan’s work fills an essential gap.


The relevance of the Arab region in History and our future cannot be denied, and the importance of understanding their history cannot be understated. A couple of the names were already familiar to me Hanan Ashrawi and Nawal El Saadawi but most were new. I can only add to what I wrote below that Rogan has written a history that is clearly meant to dispel many of the myths, the propaganda and the prejudices that exist in the Western countries in regard to the Arab world.

For example, he was shocked to find that in France the “men are slaves to the women here and under their command irrespective of whether they are pretty or not”. He gave an account of Bonaparte’s savants conducting flashy scientific experiments, hoping to awe the city’s religious scholars. The emergence of Islam as a significant player through extremist Islamist movements, and the moderate Islamist groups. Mar 02, Shariq Chishti rated it it was amazing.

While Rogan slams Israel for the “eviction” of Palestinians in which in reality was Arab governments telling all Palestinians to leave because of their impending offensive against Israel – he says nothing of the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were evicted from Arab lands at the same time.

Meaning my curious teenage years were the same years the influence of American media was at its strongest.

The Arabs by Eugene Rogan | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Why did they do that? I just want to say now that if you want a better understanding of why the Arab world is so messed up, so violent, so frustrating, look up the words colonialism, greed and power and consider the role played by the outside world in just plain messing things up.

These are very logical reasons, but I like to add that the decision to arxbs in the coalition was after president Assad was assured that he still get to keep his influence in Lebanon. It was very detailed, and well written, with focus on the various Arab peoples.

But this book soared beyond my expectations. As no one can escape from international politics these days and as the events of far away nations affect each of us on eugenee daily basis, the only way out for a better future is to better understand the peoples around the world.


The ottomans giving way to imperialism and then to uncertainty of the post WWI settlement and further to Cold War and finally to the reality of American hegemony over world affairs.

Eugene Rogan has written an authoritative new history of the Arabs in the modern world. Also conclude that whoever could understands the internal Lebanese conflict can understands the conflict in the Middle East region.

However, he has tried to be balanced. While it did take some time, it is a most enjoyable read, and one that gets hard to put down. Osama bin Laden in the early nineties, the author had not cover that time, the links between Osama and al Bashir’s government and Hassan Thf, he lived there for a while.

eugenw In this definitive account, preeminent historian Eugene Rogan traces five centuries of Arab history, from the Ottoman conquests through the British and French colonial periods and up to the present age of unipolar American hegemony.

Unfortunately, like many of my friends and Arabs my age, our families thought it would be more beneficial for us to be enrolled to English-teaching schools, be sent abroad and forget about the past than the less beneficial duty of learning about the history of our origin. It is detailed and extremely well written.

Algerian independence was achieved at the cost of a remarkably hard-fought and bloody war. Soon enough, I found my interest flagging towards the middlewhen the book discusses the colonization of Egypt and the Levant. I never understood how a group like Da’esh could manifest and be the global issue it is now. Sep 30, Narmin rated it it was amazing Shelves: In addition to the extreme censorship occurring in many Muslim and Arab nations, I was born in the mid ‘s.

Britain and France do not come out well. The book starts with the brutal Ottoman conquest of Mamluk Egypt, in the 16th century, glossing over the Golden Age of the Aras World, and the cultural and ethno-linguistic process of Arabization that made it ‘Arab’ in the first place. It would be both too trite and too political. That was an age when the Arab provinces of the Ottoman empire were ruled by despotic local kleptocrats.

Highly recommended I listened to a Tantor Media recording, with excellent narration by Derek Perkins.