Impossible. by Nancy Werlin. Seventeen-year-old Lucy Scarborough appears to lead a normal life. She is a junior in high school, runs track. A beautifully wrought modern fairy tale from master storyteller and award-winning author Nancy Werlin Inspired by the classic folk ballad “Scarborough. The conclusion is startlingly wholesome, comfortable and complete for the usually dark Werlin, and the melding of magic and practicality.

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Lucy manages to lead an eminently normal life interspersed with occasional random visits from Miranda, who is never really lucid beyond mumbling strange lyrics to “Scarborough Fair. Show of hands, how many of you know a professor who miraculously decided to spend a year abroad and therefore, is willing to loan you his house free of charge?

View all 6 comments. But no, the teen enters the mode super mom, and decides to keep her baby The Elfin Knight will do anything to prevent her success and to make Lucy, and her daughters in his possession forever. With her parents and Zach, the “kid” from next door, who is now living with Lucy’s family.

Mother to daughter down through the centuries, the Scarborough women carry the curse of the Elfin Knight because their ancestor spurned his attentions. Even the tone of it grew on me. And though Lucy felt fleshed out and real to me, the other important characters felt occasionally cardboard.

Time is running out, but together they will try to complete the impossible tasks. Werlin would get points for dealing with difficult topics like teen pregnancy and rape were it not for the following morals of the story: The protagonist, Lucy Scarborough, is just seventeen when discovers the curse that has plagued the women of her family line for several decades.

This is not haunting.

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Unfortunately, it was inconsistent. Because of this realistic streak and clearheadedness from Lucy, the magical elements of the story, no matter how far-fetched, seemed more balanced and true, which I definitely liked.


Just read it I say, don’ read it Many random scattered sloppy POVs. Never once does she express one iota of blame, shame or guilt, all of which are standard emotions for rape victims to express. This book is just chock full of bullshit! Weeks after the prom, Lucy discovers she has followed in the footsteps of the Scarborough women and become a pregnant teen.

Impossible (Impossible, #1) by Nancy Werlin

Jun 28, Anne Osterlund rated it really liked it. A aerlin wrought modern fairy tale from master storyteller and award-winning author Nancy Werlin. The task based on that song. He doesn’t exist I’m pretty sure in real life, nanc I was glad he was in the story.

Overall Impossible was book with a interesting premise, but just not for me. Due to the fact that you’re dealing with an “elfin knight”, a centuries old curse, and seemingly impossible tasks to complete, I would have enjoyed the novel more had it rested more heavily on the fantasy aspect and less on trying to fit it into a contemporary YA book.

How many of you have been able to secure a car loan with no credit, school loans, and only a part-time job to nabcy name?


Then the impkssible also struck out with the idea of dual points of view. In fact, I have a rather mixed response to this book.

Instead of reading this, read “Graceling. That was the breacking point for me. I have now spent more time than I should have talking about this book. I’m so sad that I actually spent money on it. She was raped by someone she considered a friend, and then finds out only weeks later that she is pregnant and imposslble likely go mad after giving birth to her child.

It lacked real tension. A bright intelligent teenager about to enter university. Because, I feel the concept was original IMO, but the delivery fell short drastically.

Impossible by Nancy Werlin | : Books

Mar 12, Nikki rated it liked it Shelves: Because she is definitely not. I can’t believe I didn’t even know that “Scarborough Fair” the song existed before this. In her afterword, Werlin talks about how the book came about, saying she loved the Simon and Garfunkel version as a kid, but nancj she got older and really listened to the words in which a man requests that a woman complete impossible tasks to be his true loveshe had an epiphany: I’ve enjoyed every Werlin novel I’ve read, but this is definitely one of my favorites.


So how does a story that begins as strong as this did, end up with 1 star? To ask other readers questions about Impossibleplease sign up. Sorry, but this is just not something I can understand. Tell her to make me a magical shirt Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Without any seam or needlework Else she’ll be a true love imposskble mine Tell her to find me an acre of land Parsley, sage, rosemary and impossinle Between the salt water and the sea strand Else she’ll be a true love of mine Tell her to plow it with just impossiblr goat’s horn Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Impossibld sow it all over with one grain of corn Else she’ll be a true love of mine And her daughters forever possessions of mine Chore 1 Magical Shirt One would expect, this would involve some brilliant plot Preview — Impossible by Nancy Werlin.

Why wouldn’t she use the mannequin? The writing itself is clumsy and occasionally grammatically questionable if not incorrect. Sadly, for the intents of this impoesible, Werlin not only paints this as a romantic gesture, but as a wise decision as well. Not only does Zach cope, he proposes marriage.

The characters, too, were inconsistent. Watch out for the guys with those Irish and Scottish accent girls!

Then there’s another priceless gem: