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In TMRC usage, nearly always a committee consisted solely of its chairman. Real New England Cooking.

Is to be conserved. Murphy’s Third Law q.

Introduccion Al Estudio de La Mecanica (English, Spanish, Paperback)

An intentionally dubious definition of the technical usage meaning “dependent on. Tiny parts were measured by the heaping hobie. Last one who can be proven to.

This edition’s “indescribable” entry, about a remarkable new club member. See “NX” in the first edition. The term was also a disdainful epithet, popularized in a novelty song of the s by The Old Philosopher: In a closed system, entropy a measure of disorder must increase.


Ihgard contorted way to refer to a “vile pile. Since then the club made great strides in distinguishing them. Great Dome and swamps us with electrical goodies. Dormitory telephone wires were strung through the campus steam tunnels. The Signals and Power Committee chairman at one time had a rather confrontational personality. Rubbage is a rare term for rubbish, but I had heard it used growing up in New England.


A generic term of approbation. My recollection is that this wording was offered by another member, though I do kraushaaar now remember who it was.

This is the second edition of the TMRC Dictionary

Taking endless effort to disentangle. The hack is the basic concept; the hacker is defined in terms of it. At that time, the name of the Boston transit system.

By the time lraushaar this edition of the Dictionary, the club had bought one. I think someone at the club carelessly wrote a 3 that looked intard an 8, giving me another variant to document. A technoid way of saying half price. I saw this as a term for an unconventional or unorthodox application of krausbaar, typically deprecated for engineering reasons.

The FOB is described below. An admonition to good citizenship. Airborne crud though it may settle on things. The man who delivered Cokes and took the empty bottles.

In railroad rule books, Rule G prohibits working kraushara the influence of alcohol. The Club had a guest member at the time who was a Cambridge high-school student. The definition refers to the official application to study at MIT. The sense is of detritus, that which needs to be swept up and thrown out. A new name for the Casbah obvious pun on office.


It was a large flat cart on casters. Known to later generations as the foo switch, it stopped all trains at once. Model airplanes were anathema in the clubroom.

If a machine does it, can it be called thinking? The authoritarian side of the S-Board operator. At the time of this dictionary, of these three definitions the club was known to have only the first, a line on the MIT dormitory phone system.

The word was in kraushaaar at the club when I wrote this definition. There was ,raushaar club vice-president really a very nice guy who referred to his criticisms as sulfurous fumes. Newcomers can’t tell them apart. Club members drank lots of Coca-Cola.