True Justice Requires Both Karma and Reincarnation Paramhansa Yogananda also added that the consequences are often postponed. In his book Karma and Reincarnation, Paramhansa Yogananda shares the following story to show how we can free ourselves from the laws of karma: Once. Paramhansa Yogananda Karma and Reincarnation. “To understand Karma, you must realize that thoughts are things. The very universe, in the final analysis.

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How can the human “finite” mind describe the “infinite” – a concept for which there is no human experience or comparison? As stated above, everything in the manifested world is “energy”.

Imagine an interactive model that projects life-like experiences night and day. But who are we and where do we come from?

Other books in the series. You are a part of His dream. Included in the book are such subjects as: Lots o’ good stuff in here. Karma cannot be avoided to the extent that every cause has an effect. To ask other readers questions about Karma and Reincarnationplease sign up. A book of pure wisdom.

Karma and Reincarnation: Understanding Your Past to Improve Your Future

Yogananda taught that Hindu mysticism was compatible with and similar to Western and Christian mysticism. You are the changeless one who observes the changes in your body as you grow older; changes in your personality; changes in other people; changes all around you. Only by parwmahansa with a true guru, who has himself transcended the “delusion of ego” altogether, can one understand what it means to see things no longer with a personal bias.

Ravi Sharma rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Included in the book are such subjects as: The purpose of our life is to understand this inherent oneness and make a conscious effort to realise the divinity within one self and realise how each one of us is also part of the grand tapestry of Divine consciousness.

His teachings are so on the mark and he has a very easy way of explaining reincarnation, providing many references where the Bible references reincarnation before the church hierarchy got ahold of it and sanitized it. It is necessary to find someone who has actually exited from the simulator and later returned. The Self-Realization Fellowship continues to be an important alternative religion in America, and it has a strong institutional presence in and around the Los Angeles area.


I recommend everyone to read this precious book. It brings me tears. This was a very compelling book. One has to live out these consequences because we paramauansa them through the exercise of our own free will.

One is through right action dharma. I always judge whether or not I like a book by whether or not I’m still thinking about it weeks after I read it, and this one definitely falls into that category. We break the cycle of life and death when we use our free will to consciously and deliberately make an effort to realise God.

Paamahansa, if one is so engrossed in the moving pictures all around in the simulator, how does one even know that there is something else out there, let alone how to find the door.

Although each immortal soul or little self has self-awareness, it is still one with and an inseparable part of the “Higher Self”, the Infinite Cosmic God Consciousness. We achieve freedom from suffering, blame and guilt pp.

This is called “ego-delusion”. Each one us is a part of the Divine Consciousness. Michael-Patrick rated it it was amazing Apr 16, Our actions and thoughts create our reality and this reality cannot be avoided. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the yogis call this dream world ” maya “, translated as illusion. Kuldip Jhala rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Although ego is a delusion, it is still energy.

The other, and more powerful method, is through contact with God in daily deep meditation, of which kriya yoga is the most effective.

Understanding these truths can bring clarity, confidence, and inspiration into your life. This books value lies here in breaking down the complex ideas anv soul and reincarnation into simple easily comprehensible bytes of knowledge. Preview — Karma and Reincarnation by Paramahansa Yogananda.


The Wisdom of Yogananda series features yognaanda of Paramhansa Yogananda not available elsewhere.

Suddenly, after physical death, we will wake up in the astral world only to find that the life we thought was so real with our family, friends, career, possessions and desires, was only a dream. This world seems real to you only because God dreamed you into existence along with with His cosmic dream. Many people share theories on reincarnation, or karma, or what happens at death. The Wisdom of Yogananda 7 books. These were created as “dream worlds” so that the immortal soul could descend from the Causal World, and through seven chakras experience thought in the Astral Worlds and a physical body in the Material Worlds, and then reascend to the Causal World to remain with the Infinite in ever new ever-lasting bliss.

Unlearned lessons might be about letting go of jealousy, cultivating patience, being tolerant, forgiveness, etc. Coming through Yogananda’s words, above all, is the deepest encouragement to every reader: Account Options Sign in.

Just as the only way to come back to reality is to exit the simulator, the only way to awaken from “ego delusion”, is through daily deep meditation on God, the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness. Every occurrence, event and circumstance in your life is really neutral.

Karma and Reincarnation: Understanding Your Past to Improve Your Future by Paramahansa Yogananda

Sep 23, Sree rated it it was amazing. I have failed at… The vrittis are attracted to and stored in the appropriate one of the lower five energy centers chakras. At the highest level we are all souls, sharing the same divine attributes.